Thursday, September 30, 2010

as prescribed

     "Extra Innings," the game could be over the game should be over yet here we are. Two years ago October I had a cold ... nasty thing coughing up bloody hair balls for lack of a better term while trying for a awesome visual. I don't know where to start or what to write this comes from Jill my get a grip councilor.  She is a doll I met from an attempt of drama that left me in ICU for three days. Funny, now I'm supposed to be all about the moment... the good, the bad, the ugly ones, all equal  all shall pass. Nothing stays for to long with me any more... But I digress. So, two years ago I had an open lung biopsy that showed a rare and terminal type of lung disease... I was informed about that there was an issue in 2001 so like any ass i went straight into denial  stopped paying taxes and lived for the moment... and the moments where vivid . Went from here to there and when the symptoms raised their ugly heads would crawl into a bottleor a piece of pink... these where my comfort  foods . Drink till I forget and fuck till i feel good. Not recommending this.