Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Bastard- Him and his rain-dog.

     This year I am having issue with The Holiday Spirit. The old standards have failed to get the Christmas juices flowing . I bought presents, wrapped them, put up a tree,  took pictures with Santa, Momma, and the dog to no avail.  Beers and cheers and TV specials ... Nothing. Miracle on 34th Street, Rudolf, Christmas Story... zip. We have snow and ice and everything is nice, but still nada. I have presents, family,   love, and yule tide but alas zip, zero, nada, nothing...nothing. I am starting to feel that the Grinch has stolen Christmas. Green Bastard, Him and his rain-dog. Maybe mistletoe, Christmas carolers, and spiced rum eggnog will do the trick. I haven't gone there I have not tried that ...  eggnog is thick and the rum warm but still, maybe?
I miss magic, believing in it, expecting it, getting it. Times have been ruff before, tuff before ,and even down right miserable before,but I was always able to find the meaning and spirit of Christmas. All is not lost... the hallmark channel is having a marathon of emotionally charged Christmas tales with nothing but heart tugging commercials... maybe that will end the Christmas drought. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to believe.... again.

 Maybe this will help