Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fuck the Suck

     Shrink for an hour psych for another. Great people... Fun laugh till I cough blood types that allow me my crazies and can translate the sarcasm into emotions. In other words... They get me... had me at hello... and well life is better for them. Learned a new saying from the colonel ,"Fuck the Suck Attitude." He says it what i have... an ability to realize things are screwed nine ways from Sunday... accept it and well say fuck it lets see what type of demented , fun, and cherished memories we can make today.  Then he informed me to try as little less sarcasm on the average medical types, Right ...?  He laughed said keep on with it... that a sense of humor and an ability to deflect are good nuff  as he noted in my record my coping skills are sarcasm, denial, and rapier wit.
     Had a new symptom this week, temporary blindness in the left eyes. Now this could be a few things not the least of which is hysterical blindness or masturbation. as things are worse for the lungs the latter is at an all time low that and the symptom of hairy palms is not present.  The other is in the ball park. Hard to stay sane with this crap, but not imposable. Oh, and the third possibility is the Langerhans is causing sludge in the blood. That is most likely ... but damn  boring, masturbatory insanity is much more in my wheel house.