Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hooters and Harry Potter

     Celebrated Thanksgiving with all the fixings last weekend. Family came from all over the east coast and south, well Tennessee and Virgina.. Kids I have known forever are now teens.  I have gone from a supper hero to just another old guy that interrupts their journey of mammoth importance or  the  Disney channel. We did have some fun and the yard is now void of dog shit... maybe that has something to do with it? HMMM never know. Was good to have the family together for the most part... some couldn't make it and by couldn't i have a torrid of descriptive I shall not use. Needless to say they stat with selfish and end with a good ole, see you next Tuesday .But we did make some memories and laughs and ate... dear lord can we eat...  turkey, cranberries, butt stuffing,  cookies and fudge and cakes and all that stuff the screams American feast. Gotta be greatfull for any time with the not so little - little ones, even if they oppose it at every turn.Family.... That is all i got to say on that.
      Got a  flu shots and started seeing a new doctor on Friday . The sarcasm is strong in him and he has a roll the dice attitude we are like peas and carrots. I watched as he e-mailed the world for trials regarding my illness... right then right there. No let me see or maybes just, if you got the balls for it I'll call in some favors. He went so far as to get me a social worker for the trial I don't have yet. LOVE HIM.
      So, got myself a handicapped parking permit. You know the blue plastic thing that goes on the rear view mirror. Says look at me, look at my world, I get to park closer then you. I had been stalling the damn thing for a while now... a couple of reasons one I don't get out much and two... FUCK THAT. Had no idea that would have been  an emotional  thought process over a hunk of  plastic. Had no idea the difference in my mind between terminal and handicapped. Maybe I'll use it for  black Friday at Wallmart, Monday night Football at Hooters, or maybe get me a good seat at Harry Potter... There that's it Hooters and Harry Potter for $500 Alex