Tuesday, December 28, 2010

get out...get some

     Some days are worse then others. Everything hurts, still getting out  and still having fun, talking shit, and  getting loud. I enjoy those times as much as possible. Really but the next day or the day after that it hits and it hits hard.Fuck, I'd do it all over and do it more vivid , Yes? Go out big or stay home, yes? Make mistakes, take missteps, and trade resentment for remorse . Throw bricks from a glass house, run with scissors, slap the boogie man. Masturbate less- love more, spike the proms punch, and knock up your high school sweetheart. Live loud... make some noise... be heard even when you make no sense.Take a chance be strong  when you are weak and be weak when your strong. Go all in with the Devil and bluff Death...fight with you back to the wall. Make a stand... Alamo style... win, lose, fuck, fight ... make a mark? Who cares just get out and get it on. The secret of life may just be to live it with out regret or remorse while learning life lessons on life's terms. Maybe  try and be selfless ... To fight the self centered, selfish, self loathing thoughts and be  in the moment. don't get attached, everything changes.

   These Ra Ra moments brought to you by John Hughes and other 80's teen films.... Slow awkward applause , wait for it... wait for it... Okay... NOW