Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November time to behave?

The November days, cool winds and soft sent of a fire place off in the distance,yes its that time . Time for eggnog, friends,and family. Time to make memories as warm as a fire place and soothing as a night cap.Well, I may be rushing it- but damn, I love this time if year. Back in La around  now the brake lights of endless cars stuck in  traffic are but Detroit Christmas lights. They flash and blink the Morris code of holidays past.. This time of the year people- humans start acting right . This is but  a remnant of a child's song, one  that holds a tight grip on our subconscious. Who knows the whys or wherefores? One simple fact... Santa Clause is coming to town.
  When younger right about now the sears catalogs and such started flooding our mail box. I would run to my room with pen and paper  writing the page number and toy Santa needed to get me. The hardest part of this was never, never ever, turning the pages to the ladies special section. That would be bad and Santa could not approve.But boys will be boys and Santa though a saint at one time was a boy. But still, one could never look upon those pages. BUT if , by magic! The special lady section just happened to open? Bras and panties and toys all in the same book. Whos genius idea was this... we are trying to behave and they do this to me, US? Wanting to be good and doing right are limited by temptation. Boobies are and always been  my  Achillies' heals, one of many Achillies' Heals. They- boobies and the beautiful muses they are attached  are by far my favorite Achillies Heal. If only Santa could fit one of them into my stacking,it is after all hung with care.
   Simpler times, most wants and wishes where material... nothing to worry about other then  chores, school work, and crushes.  Now, all that is needed is making some fine memories and enjoying company.Not so much what one gets but what is given, wrapping the right type of thingy and seeing a smile is enough.I guess its true Christmas is the time of giving, after we grow up a bit that is.

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  1. Love the innocence of the young boy looking at the newspaper adds... Now we get a Victoria Secret catalog in our mail box.. I'll bet my little boys loved that... but all of that is nothing compared with how today's woman dresses for the gym, the beach , a night out, an awards show.
    Loved this one. .. takes me back to innocent times.. knowing that you are not at all innocent and wondering whether you cop a feel on the subway when you can...